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how to care for légère reeds

how to care for légère reeds

Due to the fact that polypropylene is non-porous, it is very difficult for bacteria to build on your reed. I tried Legere reeds a year ago and was not totally convinced, but they seem to finally have found the right formula with a new model, the Legere Signature. For delivery charges to countries outside the UK, please click the button below to make an enquiry. The small vials are airtight and will cause the reed to mold. "Top symphonic and jazz musicians have been using the Légère single reeds for more than a decade. Compare. Shake= shake the wrist while holding the oboe reed. Saliva may be used in this situation but it is not ideal. I find many of my students cannot figure out how to get a good hold on the cork. Oboist and oboe reed maker Aaron Lakota shares his thoughts on oboe reed care. wrap the oboe  reed with Teflon plumbers tape or parafilm wax. No product can replace proper oboe reed care, no matter how well it works. A reed can be expected to last a 2-3 weeks in a situation like this with proper oboe reed care. Add to basket. I am so happy to provide reeds to so many oboists. Reeds must be soaked before they are played on or they will crack. The reed requires much more air pressure and volume of air than what I have grown to like. £24.90. The  plant grows wild all around the world, and is farmed specifically for instrument reeds. I think the Legere reed sounds quite full and rich. If the first reed you try is the wrong strength or style, feel free to make use of our exchange of strength policy. Legere reeds represent the best in synthetic reeds. I hope this takes some of the guesswork out of oboe reed care for people just coming to the oboe. At Légère Reeds we give woodwind artists the Freedom to Perform. oboe reeds can be sterilized with Hydrogen peroxide,  Alchohol or mouthwash. Légère European Scrape oboe reeds respond instantly and are ready to play straight from the box. Legere warns American players that this reed may be more "resistant" than an American scrape reed. Legere Bb Clarinet Signature 2.75. Add to Basket. Available immediately . I know there are plenty of people that play on oboe reeds that are significantly more resistant than what I like to play. Shop today! The thread will loosen over time and become unraveled if the oboist consistently pulls and rotates the thread. Standard Delivery Times. Reed Care Resources. At this point, the reed is in playing condition. (Medium Soft, Medium, and Medium Hard.) The oboist should only grab the reed by the cork. There are some products out there that claim to prolong the life of oboe reeds. It is free-blowing, colourful, and loaded with personality. An oboist practicing for 2 hours every day, playing in several college ensembles, and taking lessons may get less than a week’s use out of an oboe reed. I don’t sanitize reeds too often (except when I initially sell them) but if for some reason there is a need feel free to use one of the products listed. Showing slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES} - You may also like. 4.1 out of 5 stars 34. Storage and Cleaning. First blow sounds really good. Reed Care. Légère single reeds should be stored on a flat-surfaced reed case. 49. Saliva will break down the oboe reed quicker than water, so I advise you favor soaking oboe reeds in water. Delivery enquiry * * * Features & Specifications Additional information Reviews (0) Description . 137 talking about this. These are great. Légère reeds enjoy a beautiful tone and range, as well as all the usual advantages of a synthetic reed. Get it in front of 17+ million UK buyers. £17.30. Legere Synthetic German Clarinet Reed -1 Reed: Légère Reeds Ltd. has been producing state of the art synthetic clarinet and saxophone reeds since 1998. £22.50. Give them the gift of choice with a Légère Reeds gift card. Rubbing the oboe reed on clothing, getting it tangled in hair, hitting it on a tooth, or storing it improperly in a case can all lead to damage. There are many oboe teachers offering online lessons, the student will gain valuable insights by studying with a qualified oboe teacher. Since the reed is so thin it can easily chip or crack from even slight trauma. Sometimes a student will not have access to water or a cup for soaking reeds. I would advise having a conversation with your student oboist about reed care if they are going through more than 3-4 oboe reeds per month. I am hoping it will resolve my problems with cane as a beginner. All customers get FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. The vibrating blades of the reed create the  sound. When you are finished playing on your reed, loosen the ligature and remove it from the mouthpiece. By that I mean they work very good if the player is willing to conform to what the reed needs....if the player is willing to do that, then the reed will work just fine, but there is little room for flexibility that cane reeds provide. As with most things I write, these are not rules but perspective gained from my own students, professional dialogue, and customer feedback. We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. It should stay in the water for a period of 30 seconds up to several minutes depending on the age of the reed and the humidity of the environment. Part of being human is being imperfect, and with imperfect people comes imperfect processes. Legere Reeds Classic Bb Clarinet Single Reed Strength 3. £25.49 £ 25. Ribbon style holds the reed in place at the thread. The student may benefit from having two reed cases. I like the playability and consistency. I have been using a Legere Signature #3 for a year now. £15.30. I offer live online video lessons on oboe performance, reed making, and performance strategies (these lessons deal with mindfulness for performers,  where we look at the mind-body-emotional connection during a performance and how to establish a friendly relationship with our thoughts and emotions). The primary function of reed is to vibrate and the thinner the tip the easier the vibrations are able to move through the reed. The larger cases will allow a student to hold onto reeds and see if they may regain some life later. FREE Delivery by Amazon. Légère reeds enjoy a beautiful tone and range, as well as all the usual advantages of a synthetic reed. Strength: Medium Soft (Green) High quality synthetic reed. Even if you are not interested in the reed cases I sell they will give you an idea of what the Ribbon style Oboe reeds cases function. Legere company logo. Reinvented Profile The American Cut is unlike any reed you’ve ever played. I understand if that is not possible due to financial constraints or limits on access to a private teacher. Department. Your jaw may have just dropped if you are new to this. Discontinued 1/4 strengths for Classic and Studio Cut; My strength has been discontinued - what should I play now? The reed should not ever be removed by grabbing the thread. Légère reeds are too small to fit the minimum size requirements, despite being 100 percent recyclable polypropylene.. 4.4 out of 5 stars 36. An oboist practicing for 2 hours every day, playing in several college ensembles, and taking lessons may get less than a week’s use out of an oboe reed. Yes dead, worn out reeds can gain a second life. FREE Delivery by Amazon. Reply. Most professional oboists rotate reeds not only to make them last longer, but also because they know different reeds may act differently from day to day. For an easier playing reed, simply buy a softer strength. This will ensure the oboist does not recover from their illness only to become sick again after playing contaminated reeds. Legere Bb-Clarinet French 2.25. Be careful not to put more spit in the reed. Plastic Reed for Baritone Saxophone Strength: 1.75, Légère reeds have a beautiful tone and range, together with all the usual advantages of a synthetic reed, The original file for a darker tone that is generally used for a classic set-up I feel that a reed maker will have more respect for oboe reeds than someone not knowing what goes into the process and follow a more serious oboe reed care regiment (Just in case you are curious here is the process “how to make oboe reeds step by step”). I get a bit nervous seeing the reeds being grabbed by the thread and wiggled back and forth as if extracting a loose tooth. Oboe reeds should be stored in a reed case and not the vials or small containers that the reeds are packaged in. You may also like. The only synthetic reed I have found so far that sounds very close to a cane reed, and responds in the same way is the Legere Signature. Material: Plastic: Strength : 3: These are other customers' choices: Customers who looked at this item have bought these: 40% bought this exact product. Perhaps when I get further along I will retry a bamboo reed again. Make a fist with your thumb on the exterior of the hand (as if thumb wrestling). Depending on your playing style, the reed will need to be rotated after roughly 60 minutes. A band class may be an hour-long, but the oboist may play for a half-hour of that time. To my ears they were a bit bright.However, with the new Signature Series reeds I think they have cracked it! Legere Signature Soprano Sax 3.0. We recommend that you do not sand the reed or clip the reed tip. Only 8 left in stock (more on the way). Have been trying Legere Signature reeds for some time on my Bb clarinet and am pleased that after initial doubts I have grown used to them and now enjoy the freedom they bring in that I can just pick up the clarinet and start playing without moistening or having to flatten the back of the reed etc. After listening to Steve’s reviews of the Phil Tone mouthpieces, I moved on the an Eclipse with a 6 opening. Available immediately. A less than perfect oboe reed today may feel great tomorrow. The reed can be cleaned periodically with water and a mild detergent. Timbre of this reed is darker than the cane reeds I usually play. While Légère reeds are durable, they can easily be damaged if mishandled or dropped. Other options New from £24.59. Any problems?? Preferred by professional players, the Légère European Signature Bb Clarinet Reed is precision cut with state of the art machinery. DO NOT use alcohol or solvents. Having a fantastic and reliable reed that is consistent and stable in all environmental conditions has improved so many aspects of playing the clarinet not only for myself, but also my students. I hope the instrument will bring you or the oboist in your life a lot of joy. As an artisan, I take great pride in my craft and it hurts me a little to see my reeds being mistreated in any way. The oboe is a very rewarding and beautiful instrument to play. Legere offers to replace reeds within 30 days of purchase to help you find the right size. They then must put saliva around the reed and in the reed for several minutes. Move the reed back and forth trying a variety of positions and continue testing. 8. £15.30. Only 1 left in stock (more on the way). I wrote a longer guide “How To Soak Oboe Reeds” Here. More Buying Choices $125.00 (10 new offers) Legere American Cut 2.50 Alto Saxophone Reed (ASA2.50) 5.0 out of 5 stars 3. I highly suggest all students have a private oboe teacher to help with their studies. Modifying the Reed. Bassoon Reed The Légère bassoon reed responds instantly from the box. You can improve the immediate playability of a reed sometimes. Whilst natural reeds are made of cane, the Légère reeds are made of polypropylene, a non-toxic material that goes through a process called orientation to make it more flexible. They are ready to go instantly, are consistent, reliable and last a … £18.99 £ 18. If you’re looking to care for your synthetic reed, use Legere’s reed care guide. They may then play another half hour total at home. I feel that my services allow people to play the oboe, something that brings me great joy, I hope they feel a similar joy. Find handmade oboe reeds at A.Lakota Reeds, Find high quality student oboe reeds and student bassoon reeds at MallarReeds, /*

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