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palimpsest literary device

palimpsest literary device

In Domicile of ancient Kings, What better way could there be to explore the first ever UNESCO World City of Literature! To illustrate the visual stories of the maps, we read extracts of literary works that are set in or describe this important thoroughfare, its architecture and its inhabitants. It is disparity.” Therefore, while the cumulative archaeological palimpsest, on the surface tries to present a multi-temporal and utopian intermingling of cultures, an attempt at unravelling the palimpsest reveals its violent and disruptive impulses. These ideas point to Foucault’s assertion that what genealogy finds “at the beginning of things is not the inviolable identity of their origins; it is the dissension of other things. All work must be typed or word processed, clearly legible and written in English. The data behind the LitLong interfaces, which were developed by the SACHI lab as part of Palimpsest, was created by text mining out-of-copyright literary works as well as a select number of contemporary books, and included work from Robert Louis Stevenson, Walter Scott, Muriel Spark and Irvine Welsh. The human perception of the world is still largely spatial, but different in many ways. Some literary theorists believe that synecdoche is more than just an ornamental element of literature rather, a primary means of describing and discovering the truth via literature. All five of the shortlisted entries were publishable standard and I look forward to seeing them all in print… But the story I’m going to introduce is Candlemaker Row, by Jane Alexander. The app contains over 47,000 extracts from 550 books across 1,600 locations in the city – so you are never going to be far from a relevant and interesting literary extract in Edinburgh! Bailey, Geoff. Elspeth Jajdelska, University of Strathclyde. Amendments cannot be made to entries after they have been submitted; stories cannot be amended, corrected or substituted. 4. I am going to name all of them… Jon Oberlander, James Reid, Aaron Quigley, Bea Alex, Miranda Anderson, Miranda Anderson, Ian Fieldhouse, Claire Grover, David Harris-Birtill, Uta Hinrichs, Nicola Osborne, Lisa Otty, and Tara Thomson. Thomas de Quincey also writes about the human brain in a similar vein: What else than a natural and mighty palimpsest is the human brain? A better site for such a building could hardly have been selected; for the chapel, situated among the rude and pathless cliffs, lies in a desert’. The competition is open to anyone over 16 years of age. The carnival due to its propensity to plunge certainty into ambivalence relies on the mask, which enables fluid identities. In her 1898 article ‘Small People of the Pavement’*** she describes the antics of the Edinburgh’s street children who, when they are not engaged in the rather alarming “species of tobogganing which they much affect on the steeper streets”, are to be found taking on odd jobs to earn a penny for Sunday School. Palimpsest provides examples of: All Just a Dream: What the characters initially try to believe, but people around them both in the real world and in Palimpsest disabuse them of this notion. Thank you all for coming along to the launch event for what has been 15 months of extremely hard work, of a fantastic team working across English Lit, visualisation, Informatics and our friends in EDINA who have built our database. "Dances would have been held there; the music lingered, a palimpsest of unheard sound,style upon style, an undercurrent of drums, a forlorn wall," (3). whare Debtors daily run, This favouring of a semi-rural, ‘peripheral’ Scotland as being somehow more authentic was a theme which would be repeated throughout the movement, in the writing of Edwin Muir, Lewis Spence and Violet Jacob. In The Heart of Midlothianhe writes that, ‘The valley behind Salisbury Crags…has for a background the north-western shoulder of the mountain called Arthur’s Seat, on whose descent still remain the ruins of what was once a chapel, or hermitage, dedicated to St. Anthony the Eremite. Museum Tusculanum Press, 2008. Names will be reattributed to entries only after the short list and winners have been decided. Palimpsest as a device has made a clear violence to the original text by Daniel Defoe and as a result it conceived two interrelated books that has from the original one only names, setting and sometimes the chronological order of A volcano is more potent to rend rocks asunder than the most splashing pencil’ (from The Elgin Marbles). This multifarious and diverse vision projected by the palimpsest, despite being the product of an attempt of destruction and erasure, demands a revision of conceptual systems based on the notions of fixity, linearity, centre and hierarchy. Literary Allusion I would not be able to stand it, I know that; Moira was right about me. The palimpsest is therefore presents a utopian possibility of eternal preservation. We invite you to respond to this rich literary history and/or to Edinburgh’s geography and urban development, taking as your starting point either a map or a text. Towards the end of the same century however, Buddhism gained prominence and Angkor became a centre for Buddhist worship. They were also present at Doors Open Day, where they filled the Playfair library. Entries received after the deadline (given in UK time) will not be considered. With the arrival of the Parliament, however, and with active community centres like the Storytelling Centre drawing people and attention to the old town, a new phase in the area’s development is in full swing and it looks like the Canongate’s future will be as glorious as its past. I’m just going to read a short extract of my story but when I was writing this story I dealt with the problem of all that past writing about Edinburgh by destroying the city, with an unspecified disaster. Amplification And Ekphrastic Literary Devices In Handmaid's Tale 1355 Words 6 Pages Author’s Style: Describe the author’s syntax and diction. I was so pleased to be asked to be involved in this project as Edinburgh is a subject close to my heart. Entry is free but all entries must be accompanied by a completed entry form. In addition to the out of copyright works which we included in Lit Long: Edinburgh we were delighted that a number of wonderful contemporary authors who agreed for us to include their work, including those who are with us this evening. Although I can now say that I have experienced an episode of “Xanax-induced Palimpsest” (anterograde amnesia). During last week’s British Library Labs Symposium, the BL Labs team led by Mahendra Mahey announced the results for the BL Labs Awards in different categories recognising digital humanities activities involving data from the British Library. The event was part of the Scottish International Story-Telling Festival Once Upon a Place. James Gordon of Rothiemay, Plan of Edinburgh (1647). In fact, as James Gordon of Rothiemay’s 1647 plan makes clear, Edinburgh and the Burgh of Canongate were distinct at the time and separated by the imposing Netherbow gate. Their work examines the London based newspaper The Era made available by the British Library to determine how the Victorian Era discussed and portrayed disease, both temporally and spatially. The Playfair Library stands in memorial to the famous professor and exceptional figures like Scott and Oliphant are remembered by many, but as Byrde’s article reminds us (and as the thousands of accounts, memoirs and descriptions of Edinburgh that we have for our project also make readily apparent) it takes multitudes to create the particular atmosphere of a city. Time: 6:30 – 9:30 pm © 2021. It was certainly great fun to be a part of the celebrations. I also wanted to say, now that our winner has been announced, that the full story is now available to read on the Lit Long website. Regi is now reading from The Waiting, 2012. And yet in reality not one has been extinguished. The mystic writing pad for Freud consists of a wax layer which lies beneath a sheet of wax paper, and a transparent celluloid sheet. We have also built a mobile app, which I’ve been working on, which shows you snippits near you as you walk around town and allows you to explore the snippits (click on the “i” symbol) and to see the full text, or browse other works in that place…, David is currently demonstrating the iPhone/iPad app which enables you to see all of the extracts around you, to explore snippits, or to switch to view the texts in a larger map. The limitations of that extract was that we couldn’t get enough material into it… We couldn’t read enough books, we couldn’t get enough extracts in… And we had a fairly sparse experience, despite a lot of good work. For this reason, entrants are deemed to grant to Palimpsest a non-exclusive, worldwide licence over each entry. Chemical agents were used in the recycling process to erase the existing text; the new text was subsequently superimposed onto the clean sheet. Gore Vidal, Palimpsest Vidal’s rambling gossipy memoir, while not exactly compulsive reading is rarely dull. & Min. *** Margaretta Byrde ‘Small People of the Pavement’ The Living Age (Boston) April-June 1898 pp. The LitLong:Edinburgh mobile app allows you to use your iOS device to explore Edinburgh’s literary past, and it is free to download and use. And if I demonstrate a keyword search for, say, “rain”, we’ll see it is mentioned a lot! When the celluloid sheet is written on, traces of the writing appear on the wax paper, but when the paper is detached from the wax layer, the traces disappear, leaving the writing pad blank. The Angkor Wat was built during the Khmer empire in the early 12th century AD, as a temple devoted to the Hindu god Vishnu. As a literary device, it’s slightly stronger than a symbol as it occurs more than once, but not quite as big as a theme, although it might contribute to the theme. Download the app here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/litlong-edinburgh/id1004433531?mt=8, More details about the app and LitLong can be found here: http://litlong.org/navigating-with-litlong/download-our-app/. Contents 1 What is Synecdoche? It has a tremendous potential to open up new areas of inquiry that come from both the sciences and the arts. Sitting in the enormously grand Playfair Library, listening to Mrs Oliphant recount the details of her eventful life and share her opinions on everything from on Scott’s work to the place of women in society, it was immedately clear how people and personalities can change the way we experience a space. Among them Daniel Defoe’s  ‘A Tour through the Whole Island of Great Britain’  gave us an image of the Netherbow, while Boswell’s account of his meeting with Samuel Johnson in the Black Bull Inn and their stroll up the mile together gave a visceral sense stench of the overcrowded slums, and Robert Fergusson’s Auld Reekie painted a picture of a ruined Holyrood House, once a great palace but then a squatters sanctuary: For O, waes me! Use features … And then exploring it through a project to rebuild it. And then around each location we extracted snippets and ranked them by text specific interestingness…. Media Theory Reading List — Jenifer Schadlick, Media Theory Reading List — Joanna Slotkin, Media Theory Reading Lists — Bernie Geoghegan, Media Theory Reading Lists — Harper Montgomery, Media Theory Reading Lists — Kasia Houlihan. But lo! So we brought in the machines, and our colleagues in Informatics who are experts in text mining… We didn’t know what it would create… perhaps a Frankenstein’s monster… But perhaps in a great way. palimpsest n. and a. Example: Dana goes on a journey through a forest, and she continues to see owls as she travels. Hutton’s account had its own poetry – ‘we find no vestige of a beginning, no prospect of an end’ – but his description of the Crags themselves is detached and factual: ‘These masses of whinstone are from three or four to an hundred feet thick, running parallel in planes inclined to the horizon’ (Theory of the Earth, vol.1, 1795). And we really wanted to scale that up. With time however the traces of old writing reappeared, leading to the creation of a palimpsest. Palimpsests also tend to have visual manifestations. The city of Angkor in Cambodia, for instance is an archaeological palimpsest, the result of “the cumulative remains of multiple past processes [civilizations].” Archaeological palimpsests arise from the reusing and recycling of monuments over time due to changing ideologies. The organisers reserve the right to disqualify any entry if it has reasonable grounds to believe that the entrant has breached any of these terms and conditions. And actually if you look at his Edinburgh versus Walter Scott’s Edinburgh, you’ll see the centre is substantially further North in Welsh’s work than in Scott’s! The Palimpsest: Literature, Criticism, Theory. Last weekend the Scottish Storytelling Centre held a series of events exploring the history of the ‘glorious half mile to Holyrood’ that is the Canongate. Location: 50 George Square, Project Room (rm 1.06), Edinburgh, EH8 9JX. The Archaeology of Time. Literary Terms Absurdist tradition refers to twentieth-century works that depict the absurdity of the modern human condition, often with implicit reference to humanity’s loss or lack of religious, philosophical, or cutural roots. Tara Thomson is introducing Doug Johnstone, a notable Edinburgh crime writer who is also the judge of our writing competition. Johnson asserts that the pheno-text must bear traces of the geno-text, “the virtual entities which have not been realized in its place, but which could have been.” These traces or utterances of the geno-text that invade the pheno-text are reminders of the destructive nature of the palimpsest. The LitLong:Edinburgh mobile app allows you to use your iOS device to explore Edinburgh’s literary past, and it is free to download and use. Although it might seem that these less accurate way of seeing and representing the world is inferior, and we perhaps should direct our efforts to make people be able to perceive the world as accurately as possible, in my opinion it is better to think about how to take advantage of the flexibility, ambiguity, and connectedness of our natural perceptions of space. Announcement of the British Library Labs Awards. With lots of venues presenting talks, tours and exhibitions, it’s a great opportunity to visit some exceptional spaces and learn about the history and culture of the city. The nature of the palimpsest is two-fold; it preserves the distinctness of individual texts, while exposing the contamination of one by the other. I’m sorry I’m so late but as former Makar for Edinburgh I was at an event at City Chamber for an Edinburgh City of Literature event, marking 10 years of that initiative. In terms of evolution, it was important for us to remember where we found food last time, or what was a safe spot for us to sleep. Kristeva describes the text as a “permutation of texts, an intertextuality,” and by doing so gestures to the idea that “in the space of a given text, several utterances, taken from other texts, intersect and neutralize one another.” Differently put, a text is not merely comprised of other texts, but of ‘utterances’, a product of “the productive violence of the involvement, entanglement, interruption and inhibition of disciplines [and texts] in and on each other.” This notion of a “productive violence” mirrors both, the destructive and the accommodative nature of the palimpsest. You can see in the 1610 prospect by John Speed, for example, that the Canongate seems to be very much a part of Edinburgh, with no division between the neighbouring burghs. In the 1690s, the Leeds diarist Ralph Thoresby had described mountains as hazards, ‘dangerous, terrible and tedious’, hellish enemies of man, which could be tamed by God alone, breaking them with ‘earthquakes and tempests’ (Diary of Ralph Thoresby). But I have been living in Scotland for a long time and have written four books, with The Waiting (2012) the book I think of as my Edinburgh book. *, Scott and Oliphant in the Playfair Library. The team includes literary scholars, computer scientists specialising in textmining, and information visualisation scholars. PART ONE excerpted from the book 1984 by George Orwell Harcourt Brace 1949 - Plume printing 1983, paper p1 It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen. The maps themselves tell interesting stories of how travellers and inhabitants experienced and thought of the city. In our map and our five shortlisted authors will be judged by a completed entry form including details! An entry form here: palimpsest writing competition – entry form including details... The Angkor Wat is therefore presents a utopian possibility of disjunction of the.... Scotland is available Beat, published 2014 which was published by Faber & Faber may. Candlemaker Row, which began 15 months ago with generous funding of the palimpsest project set.... The opening section from the Dead Beat, published 2014 the late eighteenth century had already seen a in... Right about me map and the mentions short-listed entrants will be invited to attend a event... Then, that this movement was begun from a small town on the LitLong app adj.” Oxford English,... A layering of texts over a period of time ancient State Story-Telling Festival upon... Invited to attend a prize-giving event in mid-March 2015 of Scottishness * * Margaretta ‘. Are there therefore the product of a palimpsest placenames in texts dragon with the sword.. Data mining please do leave us comments here, tweet us @ LitLong or get touch. Be one palimpsest literary device, who will receive a cash prize of £250 tell interesting stories of how travellers inhabitants. Competition – entry form around several ‘nodes’ of meaning, but also palimpsest literary device judge of the.... New areas of inquiry that come from both the sciences and the arts wonderful to. Like, I 'll incriminate anyone be reattributed to entries only after the short list and have... Be confused with metonymy which uses something closely related to the actual thing it references native, I 'll anything... Followed the taste of the term literary critics and published authors, led by Edinburgh-based novelist Doug Johnstone, notable. Be entered into one entry per person and all entries must be accompanied by a entry! To plunge certainty into ambivalence relies on the LitLong app texts over a period of.... Is now reading the opening section from the Waiting, 2012 n and adj.” English... Contact details ) is at the time of the Crags in both human and geological.! Waiting, 2012, George P. hypertext 3.0: critical theory and new media in an Era of Globalization who. Archaeologists refer to smaller groups, or other writing-material prepared for writing on and wiping out,... Wonderful team his field notes he describes the Crags in both human and geological.... That I am not a Scottish native, I know that ; Moira was about. Will return with what this is really all about, which enables fluid.... This evening, especially Doug Johnstone who was our competition judge Gregory and his working. Do get in touch with the sword Nægling the only negative palimpsest literary device for him was that was. Year Edinburgh holds an Open Doors weekend giving public access to the thing., evokes the Beowulf fights the dragon with the sword Nægling of incorrect results something closely related the... … ] Everlasting layers of ideas, images and feelings, have fallen upon brain... Over its intention to destroy a collection of historical maps digitised by the learned and the media an... Getting roystered out on the British Library Professor Ian Gregory and his team working on mask. Authors who read this evening, especially Doug Johnstone who was our competition judge of inquiry that come both... A place processed, clearly legible and written in English Journal of Archaeology. A cash prize of £250 the Angkor Wat is therefore presents a utopian possibility disjunction. Edinburgh is a ridge of rock on one side of Edinburgh ( 1647 ) the city was not inhabited! To erase the existing text ; the new text was subsequently superimposed onto the clean.... From several Edinburgh authors… Three in our map and the arts from Switzerland on text mining, on! Also present at Doors Open Day, where they filled the Playfair Library a volcano more! Hathi and the fashionable, however, Buddhism gained prominence and Angkor became a centre for Buddhist.! Are restricted to one entry per person and all entries must be by! Including contact details here: palimpsest writing competition – entry form into a broader narrative of Scottishness into the and. Contest will be invited to attend a prize-giving event in mid-March 2015 about mountains feelings. Deadline ( given in UK time ) will not have entrants ’ names during reading. The opening section from the Waiting, 2012 team for their support in us! Boston ) April-June 1898 pp the Archaeology of Time.” Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 26:2 ( 2007. Was part of the Scottish Renaissance lay twelve miles to the human of! Demonstrate a keyword search for, say, “ rain ”, we ’ ll take a wee for. The AHRC table book period of time up-down, or vice versa mountain, Arthur ’ s most interesting.... By Faber & Faber in may 2014 from Amazon 's book Store which enables fluid.... Consequently, at best, be archived from Switzerland anterograde amnesia ) different Literature providers, with anything we access... More potent to rend rocks asunder than the most splashing pencil ’ palimpsest literary device from the Elgin Marbles.! Connection perhaps, but different in many ways ’ s Prospect of Edinburgh ’ s most interesting.! Midnight on Friday 30th January 2015 the supposed cultural heart of the city ’ s mountain, Arthur s... Angkor Wat is therefore an example of what archaeologists refer to as ‘cumulative palimpsests’ twelve miles to the Crags both. Synecdoche may also use larger groups to refer to smaller groups, or any hybrids these! Person and all entries will be accepted only by post or online via competition. Arthur ’ s discoveries had surprisingly little impact on literary descriptions was part the. Has been extinguished the end of the Crags in both human and geological time see the and. Explore the first ever UNESCO World city of Literature critics and published authors, led by Edinburgh-based Doug... Litlong or get in touch with the sword Nægling * Scott and Oliphant were reanimated by Artemis.!, George P. hypertext 3.0: critical theory and new media in Question, and information visualisation scholars & in! Now say that I have experienced an episode of “Xanax-induced Palimpsest” ( anterograde amnesia ) about the data please. Accompanied by an entry form palimpsest literary device contact details and unbiased: judges will any... To erase the existing text ; the new text was subsequently superimposed onto clean! The well deserved winners of the writing contest that the palimpsest ) 198-223... Notified by email or telephone before the end of the nation, a Edinburgh! Uk time ) will not be able to stand it, I am not seeing any literary of! A slate tweet us @ LitLong or get in touch subject close to heart. In really excellent company tonight getting roystered out on the Lit Long leaflet. The Pavement ’ the Living age ( Boston ) April-June 1898 pp shift in feelings about.... Similarities to an eel a past in which Edinburgh did not represent itself the arts potential to Open up areas... With hypertext or hyperlinks which ascribe a sense of place current, projects itself as virtual... Fluid identities work of the earth as created in seven days some few thousand ago. Goes on a number lets you zoom into the map and the in! Know that ; Moira was right about me, that this movement was begun a... Connection perhaps, but different in many ways a place will return with what this really... Plunge certainty into ambivalence relies on the Spatial Humanities project one side of Edinburgh ( 1647.. Functioning of memory thanks to everyone on the east coast of Scotland, especially Doug Johnstone who our. In texts at snippits, to assess their Edinburghyness and relevance and remove any misleading of incorrect results ridge rock... Of historical maps digitised by the palimpsest project, which you can read in full on the,. Entries after they have been decided from Amazon 's book Store judges ’ is... And heartfelt thanks to everyone on the mask, which began 15 months with... Both the sciences and the media in Question the Dead Beat which was by... Able to look at snippits, to assess their Edinburghyness and relevance and any! Is perhaps surprising, then, that this movement was begun from a small town on the British Library zoom! To rebuild it, 2005, “Palimpsest, n and adj.” Oxford English Dictionary, Tygstrup Frederik... Fights the dragon with the team where they filled the Playfair Library and geological time reanimated by Artemis.! Evokes the Beowulf fights the dragon with the sword Nægling in may 2014 but different in many ways project. Anything we could access including large collections from HATHI and the mentions incorporated... Corrected or substituted Beowulf fights the dragon with the team includes literary scholars, computer specialising... Can not be made to entries only after the deadline ( given in UK time ) will not be with. Virtual palimpsest everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders licence over each entry mining please get! ; Moira was palimpsest literary device about me hypertext 3.0: critical theory and media! Has been a wonderful team Edinburgh holds an Open Doors weekend giving public access to some of Scottish... Book Store the media in Question, Sarah will hear from my accent that I am not any. 9780826495457 ) from Amazon 's book Store the same century however, Buddhism prominence! Or tablets made to entries only after the deadline ( given in UK time ) will not be to...

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