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funny siri commands

funny siri commands

4. If you were out way too late, if you need to get some work done and people just won't leave you alone, if all you want is a little peace and quiet, tell Siri: "Do not disturb". Siri, and the whole concept of virtual assistants, has become a vital part of the everyday lives of millions of people. If you can’t talk to Siri, the feature may be turned off. Keeping with the character, the replies are almost always short, sweet, and meant to make you smile. Simply lift the watch to your mouth, say "Hey, Siri!" 'https' : 'http'; Yes, Siri is in tune with the aspect of delivering the information pertaining to airplanes traveling over your home or coming towards your home. Sir now has access to the Photos app, so it can search for picture and videos based on time, place, album, and even person (if you've set up Faces in Photos for OS X). From the 2000 iOS participants, they discovered 85 percent of them never used the voice assistant. cb: (new Date()).getTime() Siri can help you stay connected, organize your life, and get thing done both professional and personal. There are a few ways to get Siri… We’ve put together a list of funny Cortana commands and question you can throw and will be answered by Cortana. Siri is enriched with hands-free commands to make life easier and safer. Essential Siri commands. id: "440c396f-3561-4a33-985f-879a46a8d585", Siri has a sense of humor. Siri can also open Facebook settings and check for mail from the social media platform. 7. Keep in mind, some of the commands will work on a Mac, while some fall flat. If she doesn't give you a funny answer on the first try, try again. Use Siri to Call an Uber. If you are looking for regular Siri Commands, find them here. You can control specific accessories by name: "Turn off the kitchen light", enact scenes: "Game time", and even wind down for the day: "Hey Siri, goodnight!". The best funny Siri commands. wid: "622858", What does Siri mean? Because Siri is a service, Apple can update it any time. I would like to receive news and offers from other Future brands. Funny Alexa commands. Not only can Siri take you where you need to go, it can tell you how long it will take you to get there. Siri will default to using your name and the name of your contacts. It's got Voice ID to try and make sure you're the only one who can command it too. Funny Siri Commands. Below are 100 funny things to ask or say to Siri. Funny, Cool and Helpful commands to use with SIRI on your iPhone. So here's our unofficial guide to Siri commands and questions. Instead of excusing yourself, racing upstairs, jumping out the window, and tearing off to the only open Quicky Mart, ask Siri: "When's Kelly's birthday? For tips, ask: "What's the tip on $100". ", "Who won the last SuperBowl? For conversions: "How many kilometers in a mile". If you look at your screen, you’ll also see a small purple microphone icon at the bottom of the screen. The AI tool can also interpret a collection of words in Morse code, should one ever need. Did Siri say something funny to you? Hero Capitol Police Officer Protects Senate Chamber From Insurgents, Insurgents Plan Riots Ahead of January 20th Despite Trump Admitting Defeat, NBA Teams Respond to Trump Supporter Invasion of Capital [Video], Nutritious Drink Recipes With Negative Ions: Part Two, LSU Hires Two of Joe Brady’s Assistants to Get Team Back on Track [Video], Padres Ha-Seong Kim’s Vision of 2021 World Series Victory [Video]. Call mom on speaker!" If your albums have event-based names, you can ask Siri to "Show me photos of Eddy from Karaoke in San Francisco last fall.". The Siri App also has a great sense of humor. s.src = p + "://api.content-ad.net/Scripts/widget2.aspx?" }; var s = d.createElement('script'); s.type='text/javascript';s.async=true; If you want to say the greetings then you can greet it. Siri is the faster way to add anything to a Reminders list, and that means it's the fastest way to add anything to a shopping, packing, party, or any other list. Share in the comments. Check out Apple's Easter eggs on your iOS device. Then ask Siri "Why did the chicken cross the road...?". You can give Siri all sorts of pop culture references: "What do you think of Google Now? Post to Facebook Walking Dead is Over and I am Depressed. Siri has amazing sense of humor, and can show it off in the most unexpected ways. 3. With maternal instinct, the AI recommends partaking of a siesta and she will be ready once the nap is completed. Regardless of how you activate Siri, you’ll hear a brief chime that confirms Siri is listening for your question or command. Siri has many tricks up its sleeve that come in handy for utilitarian tasks. The commands you use may get the job done, but they may not be the most efficient way to use Siri. Siri can now remind you of "this", where "this" is almost anything you're looking at when you invoke Siri. By Angelina Bouc on December 8, 20137 Comments. Be sure to prompt this question from the delightful electronic brain and expect a laugh at the crafty reply. Alexa, are you a nerd? var params = To begin, a massive collection of commands were fed into Siri and some of … Siri can be a lot of things, but a comedian is obviously not one. On many recent iPhones and iPads, if they're plugged in, you can say "Hey, Siri!" to place a call, and want the call itself to be just as hands-free, you can do that as well. What this application does, is to use user interface that has natural language to make recommendations, answer questions as well as perform actions. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family so they can get in on the fun. It is about time to learn more about the endless possibilities of Siri commands and questions. It can include email or text messages, web pages, even podcasts you want to listen to. Thanks to Wolfram Alpha, Siri is great with numbers. Siri responds to lots of funny questions, too, and Apple adds new Siri … Take advantage of the availability Siri offers when on the go or at home. You can tell Siri to play any song—or any cover of a song—as well as any station. Learn how to use Siri using our comprehensive Siri Commands List and questions, updated for iOS 13, optimized for mobile Safari browsers. Windows 10‘s personal voice assistant Cortana has been upgraded in the second big update called anniversary update, and now it’s been smarter.Cortana is designed to give different answers to the same question if asked multiple times, so the user does not get bored. The die can have any number of sides you like, 4, 6, … Trying this on a friend’s phone showed Siri accurately named the planes that were flying over at that time. All Siri commands in one PDF. If you've got an Apple Watch, then you've got Siri on your wrist as well! The phone call will start and you'll hear the ringing loud and clear, even from across the room. Have an event set on the calendar and need to change it while in the midst of travel? 32 Funny OK Google Commands 1. It uses natural language voice control and sequential inference to listen to what you say, in the context of what you may have already said, and provide the best possible information or answer it can. You can access Beats 1, shuffle your tunes, get top lists from any musical era, and more. Whether you call them Alexa Easter eggs or funny Alexa commands, the end result is the same. I would like to receive mail from Future partners. What is July 27? Simply ask Siri to “flip a coin” or “roll the dice,” and she will do so. Alexa, do you like pizza? What is surprising is a recent survey took place from Intelligent Voice. Enjoy the top 10 funny Siri commands, answers and responses on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. After her reply, counter with “why are you avoiding my question?” to really see how simply distant Siri remains on the POTUS. Siri is an amazing tool; from setting up appointments, managing the calendar and even contacting friends and family. I have compiled a huge list of 100+ questions below, optimized for iOS 13 and Safari browsers. Get an iPhone 12 mini + Unlimited Data for $60/mo, How to set up Hey Siri and Voice ID on the iPhones 6s. Siri can quickly settle arguments, bar bets, and flat-out fights. 101 funny things to ask siri for iPhone and Android 2020. 1. Wanting to share with your friends a Facebook status? Siri can make this happen and show the update of the calender for final review. An amusing interlude between you and your Alexa to brighten your day. ", "What's on my calendar? Scroll to the bottom that is under the Allow Access and then turn off the option for Siri. "Walking directions to Starbucks" if you prefer sneaker to tire. The geniuses at Apple anticipated funny commands, so they buried some treasures—but sometimes you have to dig for them. Simply tell Siri to "flip a coin", "roll a die" or even ask "Siri 8 ball". Command the above and watch as Siri responds with a lyrical comeback. Siri, I am Tired of Talking. 1K likes. Kids of all ages just have some fun. Siri for Apple Watch can't do everything Siri for iPhone can do, but it can handoff to your iPhone if you want to do more. She will have it set for any listed time frame. Now, grab the phone and be prepared to share a smattering of random moments through the transfer agent. For simple math, ask Siri: "What's 10 times 10?" d: "Z3VhcmRpYW5sdi5jb20=", Siri can help you get your game on, whether it's for random number generation, Dungeons and Dragons, and just plain fun. When you're telling Siri what to type, you can dictate punctuation like "comma" or "elipses", symbols like "hashtag" and "copyright sign", and even emoticons: "smiley" or "winky". Just say: "Remind me of this" and Siri will add it to Reminders with a link back to not only the app, but the specific content. With that said, the rest of this article will be dedicated to the oddball and funny stuff. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. With Siri you can do an incredible range of things using only the power of your voice. Just … Siri knows the level of exhaustive fun she provides, therefore interrupting … and tell it what you want. ", then: "Set a reminder" for the date or, f it's already too late: "Buy an iTunes gift card!". to activate voice control, even if you're across the room. Play Music on Spotify. Have a command not listed here and not commonly known? Sure, 0/0 sounds like dull math, and what Siri shows isn't in any way exciting... but wait until you hear the reply! (The more purple you see on the microphone, the better Siri can hear you. The geniuses at Apple anticipated funny commands, so they buried some treasures—but sometimes you have to dig for them. Siri, What Airplanes are Flying Over Me Now? It can also do a lot of cool tricks... all you have to do is know what to ask! Siri: I’s a riddle wrapping in an enigma, ties with a pretty ribbon of obfuscation. Even "ETA" to find out how much longer you have to go. Until recently Siri could only play music from Apple Music or your library and … (function(d) { Hey Siri. })(document); Apple Inc. 10 Top Funny and Intriguing Siri Commands You Didn’t Know, Missing Indonesian Plane Crashes Into the Java Sea, Insurgents Plan Riots Ahead of January 20th, Capitol Hill Riot (Fueled by Alternative Facts) Confirms Two Americas, Manhunt in California for 6 Escaped Inmates, PGA Pulls All Golf Tournaments From Trump Owned Courses [Video], Kudos! In addition, set up a wakeup alarm with a simple voice command to wake up at a certain time. That’s when the iPhone comes to the rescue and Siri’s bountiful voice of enriched commands spares the thought of another lonely ride home. Ask Siri: "What time is sunset in Cupertino? Siri can bust out a tune by simply asking her to join in. But, did you know it can also spit out comic gold nuggets by the minute? But, Siri can perform some commands that aren’t so well-known — and are actually very smart. Simply tell Siri who you want to call and say you want the call to be on speaker. { If you want to change that, tell Siri: "Call me 'honey muffin' " or "Gwendolyn is my mom". Funny siri commands 100 Funny Things to Ask Siri: A List of Questions & Commands . There are also plenty of funny questions to ask Siri, and Apple adds new responses all the time, so try experimenting with Apple’s virtual assistant and you may be in for a few surprises. VPN Deals: Lifetime license for $16, monthly plans at $1 & more. For example, "Hey, Siri! Siri knows the level of exhaustive fun she provides, therefore interrupting the latest response with a request for a break is well received. Very funny command. And if you're wrong and end up paying for dinner or a movie, Siri can find you tickets and book a table at a restaurant as well. 100 Funny Siri Commands You Can Ask Siri is a knowledge navigator and it works as an Apple application. There's a lot more you can do to make your workflow faster and more convenient! Need to merge into song? Apple's Siri understands a laundry list of commands and queries, from turning on HomeKit-connected lights to translating words into foreign languages. Siri is Apple's virtual digital assistant. Have some fun and ask Siri ridiculous questions or give absurd commands. Truth be told, many users can simply see the amount of random statuses from friends and family on the social media site. Sign up now to get the latest news, deals & more from iMore! and it will ask you for the correct pronunciation. ", "What's the weather in London? Despite facing stiff competition from the likes of Alexa and Google Assistant, Siri still retains cultural clout when it comes to dispersing duties of a smart home AI assistant. Check out Siri’s initial response on the phone. d.getElementById("contentad622858").appendChild(s); ", "tell me a joke", "read me a Haiku", "can you beat box?". Siri has full-on integration with Apple Music. Instead of manually accessing tools, simply command Siri to set a timer and advise of the minutes. While Siri often comes off as very professional, she’s not always all business. There are hundreds of funny things to ask Siri. Fun stuff. If you're using "Hey Siri!" From the humble beginnings of a standalone app for the iOS system back in 2010, Siri has become a standard feature of all Apple products and has become as iconic to the brand as their famous logo. If you’ve ever wondered what Siri dreams about, what her favorite color is, or if Siri will go on a date with you, now is the time to ask. Apple Inc. 10 Top Funny and Intriguing Siri Commands You Didn’t Know added by Angelina Bouc on December 8, 2013View all posts by Angelina Bouc →. Siri can set reminders, make appointments, send messages and email, Tweet or post to Facebook, but it can also keep you up to date. Where do babies come from? From checking your calendar and dates, to sending an email or setting the alarm for tomorrow morning: Siri can give you a shortcut to the basic and complex features of your iPhone – you just need to ask the right questions! Take Siri along for exercise challenges. Siri can help you with that. Siri might just respond in a few different variations. All you have to do is ask! There's so much we had to give Siri for Apple Music it's own list! She seems to always … Again, there's so much we've made a list just for Apple Watch! Here are 10 top funny and intriguing Siri commands you didn’t know. ", "Planes overhead? That means special occasions like Christmas or even special events like the announcement of the next iPhone. To check which apps on your phone you can control using Siri, try issuing a basic command, like "Pay Jordan 10 dollars on Venmo" — or see if the app is on this ongoing list of Siri-compatible apps. Looking to get in a strong run? Let’s go over 10 Siri commands that you will use time and time again. Did you upgrade to one of the iPhones 6 or iPhones 6s? Change my Appointment With Dr. Smith From 11 a.m. to 9 a.m.Â. Kids can talk to Siri like a virtual friend. Ask Siri: "Who starred in the Matrix? Have some fun and ask Siri ridiculous questions or give absurd commands. The die can have any number of sides you like, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20... even outlandish numbers like 37. For chance, tell it: "Flip a coin" or "roll the dice". These cool and useful Siri Commands can be used on your iPhone 11, iPhone 11, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, and older phones. Top 10 funniest things to ask Siri on your iPhone or iPad. var p = 'https:' == document.location.protocol ? These commands work with iPad and iPad Mini as well. Funny Things to Ask Siri (2020) Please see the funny Siri questions list I have compiled below. If Siri has trouble pronouncing a name or nickname, tell it: "That's not how you pronounce 'A Lie'!" You can format with "new line" or "new paragraph", prevent formatting with "hyper no space space", and get loud with "ALL CAPS".

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